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We cater to your needs

  • Available on Weekends

  • Flexible Hours Around Your Schedule,Emergency

  • After Party Cleaning of Carpet, upholstery and Tile Floor

  • Area Rugs

  • We also offer dupont  carpet protector

  • Bathroom Tile and Grout

  • Kitchen Tile and Grout,counter 

  • Carpet Stretching

  • Carpet Repair

  • Water Damage Repair

  • 6 steps cleaning system preserves the life and beauty of your carpet and improves the indoor air quality by removing dust,pollen,dust mites,pet dander,etc.

  • Cleaning system

  • 1 pre vacuuming the carpets,edges,and under the furniture where accessible

  • 2 pre conditioning traffic areas using green environmentally safe for kids and pets.  excessive soiling conditions may require stronger cleaners.

  • 3 spotting the spots and stains 

  • 4 deep cleaning with our powerful steam cleaning system, that uses fresh water only, NO soap, NO solvents,NO worries what's in your carpet, 

  • 5 fast drying with fans   

  • 6 grooming carpets to give it more uniform look. NO  chemicals behind